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Laser Cut Stencils

Laser cut stencils are used to aid the application of solder paste to surface mount component pads. In other words, laser cut stencils allow you to place solder paste only where you want it, in the quickest and easiest possible manner. Simply place the stencil onto your board and then apply the solder paste over the top. When the stencil is removed, you are left with your solder paste only where you need it. This process is particularly useful for those who intend to place their components by hand.

Laser cut stencils (also called Desktop stencils) are a simple stencil that are commonly used for assembly of prototype printed circuit boards by hand. Stencils are 100% laser-cut type 304 full-hard stainless steel, ensuring the finest quality finish available. Stencils are manufactured using a .001″ laser beam with 98% overlap which creates an extremely smooth hole that provides the best solder paste release. 

Desktop stencils are available for purchase online, however, additional stencil options are available by special order including special metal options, frameless foil stencils and rigid permanently mounted stencils. Call for more information: 855-811-1975.

For more information on the types of stencils and their applications, please view this blog post on SMT Stencils.